Builder of Images

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‘Rather image builder than sculptor’

For many years Jolanda Riedijk has been engaged in sculpting and modelling. She is fascinated by the freedom given to her by clay and wax. She feels more like an image-builder than a sculptor. The images that emerge from the clay or the wax are afterwards cast in bronze by applying the cire-perdue method.

Her works are reflections of stories, often mythical, but also stories of people nearby, poems and objects. Jolanda’s own point of view of events is imprinted in her images and always bestows a lifelike and unique character upon them.

Jolanda has long been inspired by the elaborate work of the Spanish old master, El Greco, but also by sculptors at the Chartres cathedral and modern artists, particularly Dali and Giacometti.

Most of the images show emotion or movement, which engenders a feeling of vulnerability into the hard material.

Her elongated figures emphasize that vulnerability; they seem to float. The figures may not conform to an ideal of beauty, but that is beside the point.

The focus is on the human being itself with his or her feelings and the drama of life. It is not about perfection, neither in display nor the finish. “It would be a fatal mistake if the finish were entirely completed.”

It is more important for Jolanda that everyone, at his or her own liberty, can experience astonishment, emotion or beauty through her images.