Jolanda Riedijk’s images

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Jolanda Riedijk (born in 1958, in Maassluis, Netherlands)

"During one’s entire life a person encounters people who tell their own story. I do this with my images. Many stories from the past reappear in the present, they become relevant again and an inexhaustible source of inspiration."

Encounters, stories, myths and sagas are always fascinating. Jolanda’s images are symbolical, but nevertheless a perfect representation of reality. Often they derive from a primitive nature or possess extreme shapes; however they are always recognisable. Every one of her images shows vulnerability combined with a strong dramatic component.

After having worked with clay, stone and wood Jolanda is currently mainly working with bronze. She has discovered unsuspected opportunities in this material. The ancient manufacturing process of bronze and the craftwork around this metal have been applied by her in their own moulds. The work on the outside after the figure has been cast is done entirely with Jolanda’s own hands.